Nightshade Glassworks (NSGW)
est. 2008, Los Angeles, California.

custom artwork & jewelry.          collaboration.          old school customer service.


     As a glass artist, my passion is to make glass more accessible to everyone. As the oldest man-made material on Earth, glass has become considered mundane by many - when it is anything but. We may utilize glass, see through glass, touch glass every day, and often overlook its potential as an artistic medium. I hope that everyone will have an opportunity to see this material as a dynamic and moving substance, which can be manipulated and have ideas encapsulated within. I try to honor this concept when I work with borosilicate glass. Some objects may be recognizable flowers with their own unique surroundings, or "Spirits" that have been captured in the glass, others are colorful Maelstroms that spin into the cosmic distance. Every piece I create is a representation of my aesthetic - and is one of a kind.

     - Devlin